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I enjoy watching good television. Unfortunately, what I call good TV, the ratings people think otherwise. There are a number of good movie producers on the Internet these days that are making some good shows. I prefer to watch them on my television at the end of the day instead of my PC screens. To convert it to a format I can use, I have been using MeGUI. There

MeGUI Interface
MeGUI Interface

are a number of other products, sure, but I’m slow to change at times. MeGUI does a fine job. What I have not found is the ability to load a batch of videos up for conversion. That being the case, I set out to script a means to do so.

I am not going into great detail here about how I went about it. I’ll provide it for download in its current (ugly) state. I would like to hear your comments on how you improved on it or suggestions you might have for features. I will cover one item though and that is the use of the ControlClick of AutoIT. I went round and round trying to get the MouseClick function to work consistantly but to no joy. Then I read about the ControlClick function. It sounded perfect for what I wanted to do but I could not get it to work.

Turns out that I was providing the ControlID incorrectly for the button I was attempting to “click”. Here are some quick notes on how to use the correct name.

You will need “AutoIT Window Info” tool. Drag the finder tool to the button or other item you wish to script. (Note that items like tabs you may still need to utilize the MouseClick function) Once you have grabbed the information from the item you are interested in, go to the control tab. The ControlID you need for the ControlClick function is the name shown under ClassNameNN. It is a combination of the Class and Instance fields.

AutoIT Window Info
AutoIT Window Info

According to AutoIT help, the options are:
ControlClick ( “title”, “text”, controlID [, button [, clicks [, x [, y ]]]] )

Using the screen shot, the new command will be:

Notice I left the “text” field blank. That is alright but if you wished in this case it would have been “Noise Filter”.

This also applies for the other Control functions such as ControlSend, ControlCommand, ControlFocus, etc. Nice thing about using the Control functions is that the scripted functions are much faster. No waiting for mouse movement, etc.

If you are interested, here is the script as it stands now:

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