Author: gritts

Just your average coolness

It is a dangerous thing to be between jobs. Especially when cruising the Internet… Yeah, there is your collection of porn, right and left wing political mumbo jumbo. An then there is the cool stuff… Take for instance this example… I think I could occupy my self for at least an hour playing with this […]

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My computer experience spans 17+ years beginning with Apple II systems. I have worked with desktops, mainframe and mid frame systems and a wide variety of mainstream and proprietary peripherals. My most recent experience includes Lotus Notes Administration (10+ years) including supporting Blackberry, Network Appliance Administration (6+ years), Backup Administration utilizing Commvault Galaxy (versions 3.1GSP1 […]

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Handy Excel Formula

Just a quick one here… When you receive one of those long lists of users requesting that they all be given rights to share “x”, it can be a pain to enter in each one. One way is to take the list and using a spreadsheet app, convert the names from firstname lastname to firstinitial […]

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