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Interesting Reading

I was reading some posts the other day while researching some plain text dictionaries for a project and came across Project Gutenberg. I had almost forgotten about this project and was pleased to see that an iPhone interface had been developed. If you need something to read and don’t have the cash to spare then […]

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It is done…

I am SUPER excited. I have been taking a career course at Centriq to earn a MCTS .NET certification and after 6 months I am proud to say I got my Certification. I hope to update my personal site real soon and ad a link here to share.

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Just your average coolness

It is a dangerous thing to be between jobs. Especially when cruising the Internet… Yeah, there is your collection of porn, right and left wing political mumbo jumbo. An then there is the cool stuff… Take for instance this example… I think I could occupy my self for at least an hour playing with this […]

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