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Handy Excel Formula

Just a quick one here… When you receive one of those long lists of users requesting that they all be given rights to share “x”, it can be a pain to enter in each one. One way is to take the list and using a spreadsheet app, convert the names from firstname lastname to firstinitial […]

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Modify Location Documents via Script

On occasion I find it necessary to make changes to user Location documents within Lotus Notes. Whether it be to enable Time Zone settings, create a new location document or change an existing document. Since administrators can be an innovative┬álot, finding the easiest solution when possible, I thought I would post my solution here. Creating […]

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Lotus Notes Schedule Oddity

Here is an item I came across recently that can drive one nuts. In this case a person attempts to schedule a meeting through their calendar. One of the invitees shows available all days but Thursday and Friday. A variation could be that they are not available on Friday. Looking at the invitees calendar you see […]

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